The best investment is in your own backyard.

Pictured: Our Largest Unit, 1 Bed Detached Home

Who knew extra space in the backyard could be so valuable.

Whether it’s for investment income, family, or personal use – We are here to help you expand your investment in real estate.

Find Your Perfect Investment

Customize the perfect plan for you. We offer three stunning “tiny home” sizes for you to choose from: 280, 390, and 590 square feet. Contact us to request more information on your preferred plan.

We also do custom floor plans. This is great if your property supports a larger unit, or if you would like to change something about the core design (i.e. including a loft).

Estate 290

Our smallest unit, measuring just 290 sq ft.

Estate 390

Our mid-sized unit, measuring 390 sq ft.

Estate 590

Our largest unit, measuring 590 sq ft.


Do you need to learn more about the process? Or, maybe you’re trying to figure out how to make the best investment. We have designed a simple system to help you achieve your goals.

Meet and Greet. Financing Reivew. Onboarding. Proposal Development.

This is where we get to learn more about your needs, wants, and goals. We then use this information to develop your custom 3D building rendition to help you visualize your tiny estate.

Meet with the Designer. Design and Finishes Selection. Purchase Agreement.

Now it's time to refine your build and get down to the details. Work with our interior designer to select your tiny estate customizations - or sit back and let our designer handle it all for you.

Permitting. Building. Inspections.

Login to your client portal to view construction updates and milestone photos/notes while we build your tiny estate. Enjoy walk-throughs with our team at certain milestones.

Maintenance. Warranty. Optional Furnishing & Staging Service.

You can always contact our support team with any questions or concerns. A 1-year warranty on all workmanship & a manufacturer's warranty on materials & appliances is included.

Before you begin your build, it's time to learn about our ADU models, our commitment, and financing options.

Learn about our floor plans by entering your email and making your model selection. We’ll forward you the details!

See if you would qualify for financing and compare what a monthly payment would look like on each of our guest suites.

We promise you will love our work. From design conception to the final cleaning or furnishing – we are a full service operation.

We're Ready, Lets Talk
Provide us with any extra information you'd like, but we'll follow up with an email requesting any specific details we may need.